Did you know you can view over 200,000 digitised images on the State Library’s online catalogue? To find pictures of your favourite Victorian town, simply head to the catalogue, and type in the name of the town, followed by the word Vic, (for example Talbot Vic) and click ‘Search’.

These views of Maryborough showcase the rich variety of images that you can discover on the catalogue. All of the images that we’ve included in this post are out of copyright. Click on an image to zoom in on the fine detail, and to download a free, high resolution copy.

Jubilee Day in Maryborough, June 22, 1897

Jubilee Day in Maryborough, June 22, 1897, H84.296/21
Another view of the parade is also available online.

Railway Station Maryborough

Railway Station, Maryborough, circa 1907, H90.140/708

Mr Armstrong's premises

Mr. Armstrong’s premises, Maryborough, 1856, H83.384

[Bull & Mouth Hotel 1904, Maryborough]

[Bull & Mouth Hotel 1904, Maryborough], circa 1890 – 1920, H84.296/6
The Bull & Mouth today.

Elevated views looking over the rooftops of Maryborough

[Elevated views looking over the rooftops of Maryborough], circa 1890 – 1920, H84.296/22

Compiled by Katie Flack
Collections Coordinator, Australian History & Literature Team

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    Where do I find hospital records. 1905

    • Hi Fay,
      Thanks for reading the blog.
      I will add your question to our Ask-a-librarian service and a librarian will be in touch soon.

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