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Photo: Christian Capurro

Knitting, coding, and the stars: caring for a time-based media artwork in a library collection – Part 1

August 4, 2023

Collection Care, Conservation, Exhibitions:

Through a two-part blog, gain a behind-the-scenes insight into ‘Stargazing’, a contemporary multimedia artwork that was the centrepiece of the Library’s Handmade Universe exhibition. Learn about the process of preparing it for display, a preventive conservation treatment undertaken once the artwork was deinstalled, and considerations for its care and future access.

Telling time in early Melbourne

Telling time in early Melbourne

May 29, 2013

Social life & customs, Such was life:

In 1853 Melbourne was developing rapidly and the need for consistent, accurate time across the burgeoning colony saw the first observatory built in Williamstown. Time was communicated… ‘by dropping a… Read More ›

Distant sparks

Distant sparks

August 9, 2011

Painting, Rare Books & Arts, Visual arts:

This Wednesday 10th August at 6:30pm, as a part of the Outside-in cinema series in Experimedia, we will be showing the 2006 documentary In the shadow of the moon, in… Read More ›