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An illuminated Qur’an from the Michael Abbott Collection of Southeast Asian Islamic Manuscripts. Photograph: Emily Keppel

Islamic Bookbinding

November 23, 2017

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While the Western tradition of bookbinding is well represented in the State Library Victoria (SLV) collection, the Library also holds a small but fascinating assortment of manuscripts produced in the Islamic world. A clear understanding of the different materials and structures used in the production of Islamic manuscripts is essential for the Library’s Book Conservators to make informed decisions regarding appropriate methods for preservation, repair and display.

Preservation: caring for our collections

Preservation: caring for our collections

December 1, 2016

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The Library’s Preservation team work to ensure the ongoing care, preservation and access of our collections. Here the team bring you inside their work, from the quarantine room where items are checked for pests and mould, to the preservation studio where an average of 50,000 items are re-housed in any given year.

New in the genealogy collection

June 4, 2010

Family matters, New to the collection:

Cemetery records, passenger lists and a guide to caring for family records are just some of the highlights in our first post about what’s new in the State Library’s Genealogy… Read More ›